A Bedfordshire and London based Professional Dominatrix.

Petite and busty with size 3 feet, it's been said that I look sweet and cute - but don't be fooled! I offer a variety of indulgences that range from the sublimely sensual to completely callous.

Having been interested in BDSM for as long as I can remember, I had the chance to deliver my first flogging for fun in a London hotel room well over a decade ago - it lit a fire in me which has burned brighter with each passing year - fuelled by the naughty boys who seek me out!

As a fetishist I can be found attending events at the Torture Garden in London, as well as other fun and exciting venues. I designed the outfit you see on this page and if you take a peek at the Torture Garden's Gallery for the Winter Wonderland Ball in December '22 you'll see me there amongst many others wearing the most fantastic fetish outfits.

Excluding the people and pets that I love, I adore many things including black lipstick, top hats, corsets, vegan food and words! Also dear to me are the finer things in life including art, theatre, single malt whisky, live music and Louboutins. I enjoy live comedy and believe humour is to be experienced in the dungeon, as well as outside of it!

I'm very independent, naturally dominant and self actualised. I'm not interested in negativity or nonsense. I do as I please, live and let live, enjoy the wonderful people in my world and live a very happy, drama free life!

I hold 2 degrees and enjoy intellectual and stimulating conversation; I'm also an extroverted introvert with a fun and quirky personality, I seek out new and interesting experiences and enjoy talking to non conventional people. I'm enigmatic and I take pride in my uniqueness and idiosyncrasies.

Have you wondered how the 'Epic' in my name came about? It's not only what you may think! As well as being Epic in the conventional sense, as a word lover, the word Epicaricacy appeals to me immensely. It's meaning? To take delight in the misfortune of others...and when used in a domination context, it is quite apt!

I'm a dominatrix purely because I enjoy it; therefore, I don't accept all bookings. I need to find the right sub/slaves so the best experience possible is gained, whether it be short or long-term.

I own 3 subby boys and I'm always on the lookout for more. If you think you may be of long-term use to me - apply!

Lady Rose Epic