Kinks - Fetish - Worship

***This list is by no means exhaustive. Let me know of any kinks and fetishes you have which are not listed***

I DO NOT offer the following:

Intercourse - Oral Sex - Race Play - Adult Baby - Blackmail - Kidnap - Sounding - Extreme Breath Play -Intimate Body Worship - Topless/Naked Mistress - Kissing - Medical Play - Wrestling

***This list is subject to alteration at my discretion ***

***Enquire for Tribute Information***

Sessions take place either in a Dungeon, Hotel or Subs home (only if well known to me) as well as online or via text messaging

Attending a session with me will be an intoxicating experience for you. I will lead you into my world where you can be your true self with no judgements. I am a fair mistress so there won't be any nasty surprises; you'll know the parameters of the session beforehand; however you will be taken to amazing places in your own personal kinkworld and I will push you to as far as I want to take you, ensuring you leave the session feeling the way you should, whichever form that takes for you. Whether you experience ultimate servitude, engage in mistress body worship, endure discomfort and pain, obey and subject yourself to the will of a stunning, elegant lady- you will leave with powerful memories. For some, you will bear the physical marks of my efforts for days. You'll soon be anticipating your next encounter...

Enter Into My Epic World

Sensual Sadism


Anal Play


Face Slapping



Online Tasks



Human Ashtray

Beard Play




Key Holding




Human Statue


Collar and Leash







Human Furniture

'Kiss' Feeding

Tease and Denial


Foot Worship

Boot/Shoe Fetish

Text Domination



Visiting A Mistress Requires A Strict Protocol Which Must Be Adhered To

I am only to be addressed as Mistress, Lady Rose, or Lady Rose Epic. Never darling, sweetheart etc.

Be sure to research and understand the role of a dominatrix - she is in control.

Do not make requests in session or try to usurp my authority. If you attempt to top from the bottom, the session will end with no refund.

You must be punctual. If you are going to be delayed, keep me informed - I do not wait indefinitely.

Noise is to be kept to a minimum. Excessively loud groaning will end the session.

Set your phone to 'Do Not Disturb' or switch it off completely. I do not want to hear your phone, even on vibrate mode.

I insist on a safe word. If you prefer not to use a safe word - do not book a session with me.

All of our interactions are to be discreet and confidential at all times. You are to be respectful at all times.

Never touch me, my clothing or equipment/toys without permission.

All personal belongings and valuables are your responsibility alone. Leave precious items at home.

I expect you to inform me if you feel unwell or of any unreasonable discomfort - immediately.

No recordings of any kind are to be taken without permission.

Arrive clean, presentable and prepared. No overpowering fragrances.

Arrive alone - do not bring anyone else to the session unless previously booked and agreed

If an internal cleanse is necessary, do so at least 2 hours before session. A wash is not enough. Ask for guidance on enemas or book an enema as part of your session.

Drunkeness or drug use in session is strictly prohibited. Any intoxication will result in immediate cancellation with no refund. No smoking or vaping allowed anywhere in the buildings.

Tributes are to be presented at the beginning of the session.

A gift is always welcome and can be chosen from my Wishlists

You are entering into a consensual situation from which I accept no liability for any injuries.

If you need very basic first aid, you agree for me to administer this.

Any improper behaviour will result in immediate cessation of the session with no refund and appropriate action exacted immediately.

Long Term Servitude

Different to turning up for a session where I do as I please (according to our previously established agreement) long term servitude is for a particular type of man. This is not for the fainthearted. Long term worshipping of a Mistress takes commitment, surrender, selflessness, availability, finances and more. You can apply for this honour which I only grant to a very select few. Be warned - I have a very high standard. No guarantees of acceptance for this role.

Do you have what it takes to be one of my subs?