Biscuit play...

Lady Rose Epic

4/27/20231 min read

Maybe I'll dunk a biscuit into my tea, bite into the softened, wet treat and watch as I masticate. I look you directly in the eye and you hear 'mmmmmm!'. Saliva and biscuit combine to form a sweet substance in my mouth. I don't swallow. I tilt my head back slightly and take another bite from the remaining undunked biscuit. You hear the crunch. My teeth, slowly but firmly grind the dry crumbling biscuit pieces as they are gently nudged about by my tongue; as they blend with the mixture from the first delicious bite, they moisten and reduce to a smooth paste. I resist the urge to swallow. My saliva glands keep mouthful is increasing. I retain it, I savour it. It feels good as my tongue caresses and moves the contents of my mouth around. You watch as my jaw makes subtle movements; with chewing abandoned, I swish the sugary liquid around. You notice my lips forming a wry smile. You've been watching intently, transfixed - and now you get to receive your special treat. You anticipate its sweetness, the warmth, the fact it will be delivered directly from my mouth. I give you the signal and you open wide... Which biscuit shall it be?? You get to choose.