How I like to do it

Lady Rose Epic

4/22/20237 min read

I do love a good flogger!

It’s my favourite toy. There really is nothing quite like giving a good thrashing with one. This blog is not about the history of the flogger, or the structure, the named parts (I use the term tails, tresses and falls to describe the floggy bits), where to source them, the costs, the production and ethics of creating such a tool etc, as those points, although interesting, can easily be discovered elsewhere and written by anyone. Here, I want to take you on a journey and share how I go about flogging someone. I share my technique and disclose some of what I think and feel when I engage in doing it. Enjoy the ride!

I have 5 stages to giving a good flogging which I shall divulge as I go along.

When I have someone naked before me, whether draped across a chosen piece of equipment and strapped down; handcuffed to a cross; bent over a chair, bed or table; on all fours on an item of furniture or face down prostrate on the floor - the first sensation they experience from my flogger is what I call THE TOUCH. This is done by gently trailing the falls of the flogger up and down the entire back with long, slow sweeping motions, then side to side across the shoulders delivering a soft caress, mild tickle and a welcoming introduction to the material. I glide the falls down the back towards the buttocks where I sway them back and forth across the unsuspecting cheeks before repeating the whole process a few more times. I enhance the sensations by shaking the flogger causing the tresses to zigzag on the skin - I vary the pace and width of the strokes to arouse interest – I don’t want anyone falling asleep!

During The Touch, I talk to my sub, my boy, my willing victim, the floggers lover; checking they are ok and watching for signs of discomfort or ease - watching them gradually yield to me…conversation is kept to a minimum but this is an opportunity to step away from normality and step into the experience that awaits. There is light chatter, maybe even laughter but nothing to cause concern.

The next stage is to lightly tap the body with the falls intermittently – I call this the KISS OF THE FALLS. I concentrate on the buttocks and the shoulders, making light contact with the ends of the flogger on the skin, like a kiss gently placed at various points on the flogging surface, titillating and teasing the sensory receptors. I hold the flogger aloft and grab hold of the tresses with my free hand then release them slowly, almost one by one, watching as they gently land on various areas of the skin.

When I feel its time, I move on to FLOG FOREPLAY – light strokes are applied by swinging the flogger in a continuous circular motion ensuring the falls brush against the skin on the downward flow. It’s firmer than the kissing, but not shocking – I want the 'floggee' to build up slowly, to savour what they are experiencing and to go the distance – peaking too soon destroys the experience! This motion is something I find relaxing to perform. It’s akin to the calm before the storm and prepares my body for the work to come as well as the mind and body of the receiver.

I mostly flog on the buttocks and the shoulders, for safety (the torso is avoided to protect the organs). I then alternate the actions of flog foreplay with kissing of the falls as well as touching to build anticipation and vary the sensations. Then…I’ll apply a firm stroke, which I like to call the LOVE SLAP. It’s firm. Markedly firm. Sometimes this is met with a gasp, a clench of the buttocks, a tensing of the shoulders…this unexpected element is something I look forward to watching the response for – it varies from person to person, the reaction can change even with the same person. However, at this stage it is just the one stroke, then back to TT, KOTF and FF. I build this up, making sure there is no predictable pattern…

I enjoy seeing the redness begin to form where contact has been made and I will take this opportunity to brush the back of my hand across the reddened skin to feel for signs of warmth. Then its back to business. By this point I'm warmed up nicely and ready for my workout! I build the intensity until the time is right to gift more of those firm Love Slaps! Goodbye to the lightness, gone is the tender caress and hello to the forceful, heavy, strong blow of the falls raining down - I whack with relish! I enjoy the drama of drawing my arm backwards whilst firmly gripping the handle then pulling the flogger through the air and slamming it down onto its target! The meeting of the tresses and skin seem to be applauded by a single loud clap upon impact! I laugh, I cackle, I feel elated, I’ll shout ‘YES!’ and whatever else I choose to express my enjoyment - I may even squeal! I’m relentless. I’m on a mission. I’m in my zone. I deliver a forehand and backhand with my left then swap to do the same with my right hand – suddenly I’m ambidextrous! I walk around my toy, I change positions to make sure I’m getting all flogging areas covered! I listen out for the gasp, the yelp, the groan but not for long as I am already delivering the next blow! I may choose to lash from one direction with a POW which follows through where I catch the falls in my opposite hand, then repeat the action from the same direction - each thump more powerful than the last.

In the early stages of this ramped up intensity, I stop and caress the skin with my hands to soothe and reassure that I have not gone rogue – I’m still in control, all is safe. Then it’s back to work!

I like how my body responds. My skin glows, my breathing escalates, my stance changes from decorous to anchored, providing a stable base to fully exact strong, even, targeted blows on the lucky recipient!

I take a break.

I step back to examine my work. I look for changes in the smoothness of the skin. Am I creating balanced work on those buttocks - I mustn't have an uneven work of art on my skin canvas! How are those shoulders looking? Nice and red? Can I see any welts? Is there any broken skin? What is the temperature like? The latter I have to test…I draw close and see how my subject is doing. I check in with them…but I also need to touch their skin. I place my hands on them - the palm of the hand this time. It feels different to the way it did during the kissing and foreplay stage and my mind is in a beautiful place as a result…I close my eyes and listen to the breathing of my sub. I feel the warmth and I listen. I sometimes want to feel the warmth on my face, so I tenderly stroke the warm reddened skin with my cheek…I may well be smiling here as it’s a tender moment when I get the urge to do this. As I step back to continue at the penultimate stage, I may choose to deliver a few slaps with my bare hands to inform the skin that I’m not through with it yet - so buckle up! Straight back into Love Slaps! Fewer breaks this time as I want my boy to know we are still on an upward trajectory and he is totally at my mercy. How long will it go on for? Who knows! But I must continue until the job is done.

Next is where my custom made floggers come into their own...they have an extra large handle. Read on...

As if things were not intense enough, I make it even more severe…by delivering a double handed POWER STRIKE! I grip the handle with both hands and put all my might into delivering the most powerful blow that I can muster! And oh the thud of the leather smacking the skin! Sublime! It’s intoxicating! The elation that I feel, knowing I have reached that point with my subject is exhilarating! The excitement knowing that after a few more love slaps I’ll be delivering another power strike is joyous! And sure enough, I do so again! As for my floggers lover, the breathing is heavy now, the yelps are loud and delivered with abandon, the clenching is intense and exaggerated, the writhing, squirming, twisting and contorting is hilarious! The PAIN he must feel - its delicious! It’s all happening all at once and subby boy loves it…why else would he be with me?! Consent is everything!

I continue until I’ve had my fill UNLESS the safeword is used - which I always respect. Either way, when the intensity and the power has come to an end, I retire the Power Strikes, dilute the Love Slaps and reintroduce the gentle, soft caressing and comforting sensations of the Foreplay and Kissing stages. The come down is relatively rapid, but I must not stop immediately…the body and the mind need to know that things are coming to an organised and controlled close. Breathing returns to normal, the sub emits sighs of one who has been through an ordeal, the groans are sometimes interspersed with breathy utterings of ‘thank you mistress’. I offer words of approval, I want him to know he is a good boy for serving his mistress well and being a conduit for such pleasure. I always end contact from the flogger with the Touch.

So there you have it. My 5 stage technique for delivering a satisfying flogging to whomever finds themselves at my mercy! As a sensual sadist I deliver pain with brutality, enthusiasm and glee but its applied with empathy and care.

Does flogging turn me on? No. Not in the slightest, however the psychological high is unmatched. The enjoyment for me ends once it is too much for the sub. I have flogged many over the years and not everyone reaches stage 5 and that’s ok - each stage is enjoyable for me and holds many delights; besides, with training, one can learn to reach stage 5 and maintain it.

When was the last time you had a good flogging or delivered one? If you’re lucky enough to see me at a Torture Garden event, you may well witness me apply my techniques in one of the open dungeons!

Thanks for reading this Flog Blog.