London Dungeon Suite

My first visit to Madame Caramel's new Dungeon

10/27/20235 min read

I went to the London Dungeon. No, not that one! The London Dungeon where you can inflict real pain, but on consenting individuals in a modern day setting! Madame Caramel has a brand new Dungeon in East London and if you like performing or attending sessions in dungeons then you need to read on.

I love sessions in Dungeons. Initially, merely the word 'Dungeon' evokes all manner of deviance and naughtiness that excites me, but when I step into a good dungeon, the possibilities are endless. I say a 'good' dungeon because there are in my opinion 'bad dungeons'. What makes a dungeon bad? It's nothing to do with the size or the location; rather the equipment and its quality, lighting, decor, the layout, soundproofing, ease of use to name but a few attributes; but a good dungeon not only has everything you need at your disposal, a good dungeon makes a Domme feel that she is 'home'. A place where she can be herself and let her dominance shine and it is enabled with ease and convenience by those 'good' surroundings. I felt that at the London Dungeon Suite which opened in September 2023. With me being me, I wanted to be amongst the very first to attend, however my circumstances didn't allow until 23rd October. It was worth the delay.

I took a Black cab from St.Pancras station because I like to take them whenever I can, no other reason and it was a 25 minute journey. Upon entering the building, I was struck by how calm, light and genial the surroundings were. I looked at the entrance hall, stairs, a door ahead and one to the left. REWIND! yes, I did say stairs. I shall come back to that later!

I attended with my S1 who was not only in need of a good beating - just because - but he was in need of carrying my bags around and waiting on me (it had been less than a week since he'd done any real service). However, prior to him organising my luggage, I wanted to have a look around and I wasn't going to be opening doors myself, so he accompanied me on the tour! I went to the nearest room which was the kitchen. How lovely it is too! Plenty of space and well equipped for a sissy maid to prepare and serve meals. A comforting, relaxed feel surrounds you, as though you've just popped round to a friends home for a girly chat! Then back out into the hall. On the wall to the left before entering the next room is a cleverly placed framed Tunnocks Caramel bar and you remember exactly where you are and know you are in for adventure...

The playroom had a calming blue light to it and the first thing I noticed was the bondage chair in the corner. It looked so alluring! The spanking chair - my all time favourite - was well placed in the centre of the room. In fact, all of the high quality, heavy duty equipment that I love was in that very room beautifully placed, ready and waiting. As you would expect, if you've ever visited any of Madame Caramel's dungeons before, it was well stocked with floggers, canes, whips, a great selection of dildo's and more! There is character to the room too. Great artwork depicting the Nubian Matriarch and ornaments on top of a well stocked cabinet, which adds an extra air of sophistication and interest to the room. It really was a fantastic play room and again, as you'd expect, everything was extremely clean - not a speck of dust anywhere!

Now, back to those stairs! This dungeon is housed in a maisonette and there are 2 playrooms - heading up to the second room made me feel something special whilst I almost pranced up each step and I can't quite explain it. Perhaps it was purely the basic anticipation of knowing there was more than just a bathroom and bedroom up there - maybe it was a tiny glimpse into the future where I would be heading up to deal with other subs after leaving 2 or perhaps 3 in various situations in the room downstairs - who truly knows?! I eagerly climbed the stairway to a Dommes heaven and found myself in the bedroom at one end of the landing. Spacious and with a luxurious feel, it's the perfect place for a mistress to relax in any way she deems fit. There was everything you'd need for an overnight stay. At the other end of the landing is a good sized bathroom. Now, you know there's already a great play space downstairs, but when you enter the second room - you are transported into another dungeon. Upon entering the room, one is met with an ambience of depravity, filth and BDSM delights. The red lighting was just right. I fell in love with this room. The restraint chair which the eye is immediately drawn to is ready and awaiting its victim - it gave me Hostel vibes. Eli Roth would be proud (if you know, you know). This is the room for your toilet slave to spend the night - right next to the bedroom, for that middle of the night wee if you need one! Again, well equipped and another personal favourite - large mirrors.

I could not think of any negatives or downsides, but in the essence of balance I need to think of one or you may consider this to be a purely hyperbolic account from an over excited eccentric Domme and although I am indeed those things, I can assure you this is not exaggerated. So I shall point out that you do have neighbours at this location, therefore you will need to be mindful of volume and discreet with your attire whilst in the kitchen, in case passers by look in on a dark night while the light is on and curtains are open - I know I'd have a good gawp at what was going on inside - dungeon or not! It's good to be respectful and discreet - that's just basic good manners. So be classy with your debauchery and stick a ball gag in the mouths of the moaners - either bring your own or use the ones provided OR order your boy to be quiet - or else, that last one works for my S1.

So this house of delicious horrors unassumingly placed in Hoxton is a Domme's Dream. I couldn't imagine going there for just a few hours. It is being offered on an overnight booking basis only (at the time of writing) but believe me, you would want to have at least one night there anyway. I had booked to stay for one night (S1 was put through his paces, you'll be relieved to know!) and I'd do so again. The potential for evil indulgence is infinite, limited only by the imagination.

If you get a chance, do book yourself in for sessions or just to experience it with your lifestyle sub - at their expense of course! Booking is quick and easy and very reasonably priced. You won't regret it!

Two rooms of devilish delights?! Yes please! I'm sure you can imagine the possibilities...have a look now at