My First Official Blog!

Bear witness to my first ever blog.

2/22/20233 min read

Well, I've finally done it. I've started a blog! I'm a woman with so much to say and have written so many things in my life but I've never had the opportunity or quite frankly, felt I had enough justification to write a blog. What would it be about? Will I be consistently inconsistent with the maintenance? Who would my audience be? Nope. Forget it. I'll just concentrate on writing that novel that's itching to get day...perhaps. But here I am and it's borne out of my passion for BDSM and becoming a Pro Domme! Who'd have thought it?! Now at last I have a platform from which to write to my hearts content, a home for some of my writing and whether its read or not, its a place to park my thoughts, musings, hilarious jokes and whatever else I feel like jotting down. I hope it is a source of inspiration, entertainment, education and more to those who bother to cast their eyes over it, but I shall be taking care not to bore people, but at the same time not really caring if I do - after all, it's my blog and I'll blog any way I want to!

So here I sit, at the final stages of completing my website. It's been an arduous task I can tell you. After the let downs, frustrations and dead horse flogging of getting hold of a decent web designer; deciding exactly what I wanted; trying to fathom out how the logo designer managed to draw 4 leaves on my logo when I clearly said 1 or maybe 2; finding the right web host who will allow adult content; realising that I don't have to use said web host for their web building; finding a different web builder on the advice of my web designer - being told its the best on the market, only to find their tools are fantastically complicated for self maintenance; going back to the initial web host and their web builder and finding they aren't too bad after all; sacking my web designer; panicking before deciding to do it all myself and well, yes, you get the picture. It's been a rollercoaster ride that cost way too much for a ticket and has a ridiculous queue! But I have learned a great deal and that's always a positive take away.

At the time of writing, my website has not gone live yet. I'm still waiting on that wretched logo designer to do as I've asked! But I felt it was right to start on this blog. Ok, so where am I on my pro domme set up? Social media accounts? Check. Fans accounts? Check. Tribute acceptance methods organised? sort of check. Hold on a sec...Social media...I'll reduce that to a half check actually as I am still wading through treacle there, albeit a low level of the highly viscous delicious dark stuff. How do people get so many followers in such a short space of time? They must buy them, surely! Investing in oneself is always a positive action, so perhaps I'll investigate that. Do people who buy likes or who buy the means to more exposure admit to doing so? Is it taboo? Is it embarrassing? Does it indicate a failure to do so organically? Is it just business? Personally, if it helps me to get where I want to go faster and it's not breaking any rules or the bank then I'm all for it and I don't care who knows it! After all, I'm here writing this because of my transition from domme to pro domme and I want to get down to the business of having more bottoms to spank, balls to kick and nipples to mercilessly tease and torture - plus more muahahaha! And who knows, when I get the chance, in the near or distant future, perhaps I'll sit down to pen my first novel...ok, ok Rose, one thing at a time!

Now, time to contact that bloody logo designer!