Essex Dungeon Suite

I visited the new collaboration between Madame Caramel and Queen Lorraine

Lady Rose Epic

6/25/20244 min read

On Saturday 22nd June 2024 I had the pleasure of visiting a new Dungeon: the Essex Dungeon Suite owned by Madame Caramel and Queen Lorraine. My expectations were high and I was looking forward to experiencing something special: my dear reader, I can assure you - I was NOT disappointed!

I drove to the Dungeon which was around 1 hour 45 mins away from my home – it was a lovely drive down on a warm dry Saturday late afternoon and…STOP! REWIND!! when I say ‘I’ drove down, I mean S1 had the pleasure to chauffeur me – phew, glad I clarified that! Upon arrival, I found there was plenty of parking right outside the premises. There are a few other businesses in the area, but after business hours there is no one around…no one to hear the screams...the arrival alone conjured up a feeling of excitement and anticipation as a result!

Once inside the building, there’s a small flight of stairs to get to the Dungeon; on the landing there are 2 doors straight ahead. One leads to a shower, toilet and sink and the other door has a toilet – with a handy amount of space that I'd say doubles up as a changing area too. Turning right at the top of the stairs is a lovely kitchenette, well equipped even with a dishwasher if a sub is given a treat! Beyond the kitchen, there is a convenient dining corner to the left, then you'll be amazed by the huge play space before your very eyes! The entire space is open plan, so there’s nowhere to hide from the all seeing eye of the Mistress in charge! With a cool blue theme, the space feels like a dormant volcano that hasn’t erupted for years but on the cusp of its next violent and spectacular eruption…that moment arrives when the mistress in charge says so, so be prepared for the blue to turn molten lava orange!

Equipment wise, I found all of my favourites: a great spanking bench with sturdy leather restraints, a huge cage with a padded top and restraints - the cage could probably hold 3 subs in at a squeeze - how delightful it would be to see them folded up like pretzels, slowly rubbing and writhing against each other whilst trying to get comfortable for the night (yes, for the night…!). Moving on! There was a large St. Andrews cross, very sturdy with plenty of room around it to fully get into using it. There were other intriguing pieces of large equipment there too…perhaps you can take a peek at their website to satisfy your curiosity...

I adored the antique looking wooden Queening box, there was a different one available if the antique look is not for you. I saw the largest collection of dildo’s I’ve ever seen in one play place! It was exciting just looking at them and thinking of the possibilities! The toys were brilliant. I loved the long handled roller with incredibly sharp tiny spikes, primed and ready to give that almost skin piercing sensation and I laughed a little bit too evilly at the largest leather strap I had ever seen! There is a name for that particular toy I'm sure, but it escapes me at the moment, anyway, I quite like thinking of it as a big massive leather strap – it was heavy and very satisfying to hold - it had a thick and solid wooden handle to wield it by and striking someone with that would be akin to a workout at the gym! The thud it would make when landing on someone’s bare flesh would make any Domme feel a rush of excitement and the recipient would certainly know they’ve been struck – after they’ve come round…muahahaha! Ok, that last part was said in jest – PSA: please use big massive leather straps responsibly.

There were other quirky looking implements for delivering sensations which I enjoyed looking at and handling in this lovely dungeon; there’s also a rubber phallus, attached to a pump action electrical device (aka fucking machine) too! I just wish I had more time there – I wanted to use that machine on S1 SO MUCH!! Sigh…

The dungeon is carpeted which was unusual - but it works. With no creaky floors to worry about, it's perfect for blindfolding and restraining a slave on a bench, brutalising them, telling them you have an extra special treat for them, then walking off to upgrade to a more brutal tool, returning, then - THWACK! They'd never hear you coming! Hee hee hee! So, yes, great for stealth games. However, do be mindful of having a comfortable carpet if planning any messy play when you visit and of course, it is perfectly possible to 'decomfortise' a pair of flip flops for subs to wear whilst walking on carpeted areas until they've earned the treat of walking on carpet - too cruel? Nah, I don't think so -, there's an idea - decomfortised footwear for saw it here first!!

Lastly, there’s the bedroom…

The far end of the playspace leads on to a relaxing and sophisticated spacious room with a gorgeous king sized bed in a black and gold theme (which is always a plus in my book). Oh and there’s an adorable Chaise Longue there too – which of course I made use of by reclining in and posing on for pics in every position I could think of!

This dungeon is a winner. Two powerful Dommes have come together to create somewhere special for Mistresses to torture, tease and toy with their subs/slaves as well as be served and worshipped by them in a cool blue haven. Ladies, get your boys to treat you to a stay there and try it out for yourself – you won’t regret it! Or Subs: treat your Dommes.

I'm looking forward to what else is in store! Check out my blog on my stay at the London Dungeon Suite owned by Madame Caramel - as that was an incredible stay!

Now excuse me while I daydream about reclining on that Chaise Longue, wearing a long flowing sheer dressing gown with fluffy slippers, sipping Prosecco and listening to the 3 subs I’ve managed to squeeze into that cage groaning lamentably, while I smile to myself and softly cackle…